A real estate agent doesn’t get paid unless he sells your house or negotiates a great deal on a new house for you to move into. If you’ve never worked with a real estate agent before, you may have lots of questions about how the process works. The below points offer insight into what you can generally expect when you work with a real estate agent.

Start smart when dealing with a real estate agent

During early meetings with a real estate agent, expect to find out how many other sellers or buyers the agent is representing. You’ll also learn about the agent’s standard commissions or fees. Third parties that the agent works with should also be discussed during early meetings.

The agent will create a marketing and advertising plan if you are selling your home. If you are house shopping, your real estate agent will search indexes, websites and directories for houses that are within your price range. The agent will also look for houses that meet your square footage and amenities requirements.

Home staging and open house schedules will be shared with you, so that you can view houses you’re interested in buying in person. This also gives you the chance to as current owners of the houses or their representatives questions. If you’reselling your home, real estate agents work with stagers and interior designers to get your house ready to be showcased. Agents may ask you to remove family pictures and bright colored decorations off walls and tables while your house is being staged.

Photographs and videos will be taken of your home to generate leads. These pictures and videos will be placed on realtor websites. As a buyer, your real estate agent will share pictures and videos of houses that match your new home requirements with you.

What happens when you get closer to buying or selling a house

Throughout the home selling or home buying process, your real estate agent may telephone and email other area realtors to learn about properties on the market.

When your real estate agent finds houses that fit your requirements, he’ll contact you and schedule a day and time for you to visit the houses. This part of the home buying process could take weeks or months. The more clear you are about what you want in a house, the shorter the process generally is.

Your real estate agent should handle paperwork and negotiations. Your agent should stick with your pricing requests. Your agent shouldn’t talk you into buying a house that you cannot afford. Nor should your real estate agent try to talk you into buying a house that’s too big or too small.

Few are as well versed in the world of home buying and selling as a real estate agent. Knowing what to expect from a real estate agent helps to take the uncertainty out of the process, especially if you’re a new home buyer or a new home seller. Knowing what to expect from the real estate agent relationship also helps you to know which questions to ask agents you’re thinking about contracting with.

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